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My Vakkom is rich in culture, tradition and with all the blessings of Mother Nature. Excellent weather conditions, greenish and plenty of coconuts trees and backwaters are real blessings to us. This calm and quit place is best suited for modern life style, and the best place to spend the retirement life.

The nearest airport, Thiruvananthapuram international airport is in Capital of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram is 32 Km from us, and the nearest railway station Kadakkavur that is of 2 km distance. Buses are plying from Vakkom to nearest town Attingal in every 10 mts. The most attracted tourist place Varkala Papanasm beach and Sivagiri are 15 km from Vakkom


Majority of Vakkom people represents, Hindu Community and the rest are Muslims. Christians are less find in Vakkom. There are around 20 temples and 4 mosques in Vakkom. All communities are living in peace and harmony. Our village, posses 100% literacy.


In Vakkom, there are more than 10 educational institutions; most of them run by the Government and for the Information Technology SB Digital Communication hold the pole position

Vakkom people are highly motivate and lover of sports. Cricket, volleyball, football and shuttle badminton are popular sports among them. Vakkom is witnessed for many talented Sports persons, who represented our country in international events. But more infrastructure and attentions from the Government side is desirable, in this area to find and promote, the talented


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